Jo is a 19 year old young man born and bred locally to immigrant parents from the Middle East. Jo fell in with a bad crowd from a young age. Although from a stable family, he drifted into criminal behaviour and was eventually convicted of robbery.

At school he attained basic GCSEs in English Maths and Science- however he admits that he was capable of much more but felt hanging out with his group of friends was more important than trying to achieve anything at school. After his conviction he worked on a Community Payback scheme. During this he completed a course in Motor Mechanics to NVQ Level 1.

A Police Community Service Officer who saw his undeveloped potential referred him to David Allen, chief RPT Link worker. Jo was very keen to put his mechanics skills to use and wanted to work with cars, in particular his favourite Mercedes. David contacted a local businessman who has a garage and who wants to put back into his local community what he felt he got out of it. He was keen to help. They arranged a meeting and the businessman said he would give Jo a trial period working for him. Jo is delighted- the garage mostly deals with Mercedes!

Jo will always feel the pull of his old associates. He once left England to stay in his parents' country of origin for 2 months to get away from their bad influence. It is important for him to succeed and get employment, as he freely admits that if he has nothing to do he could easily fall back into old ways.

Jo lives at home with his family in overcrowded accommodation. One of the main reasons he has to keep on the straight and narrow is so that he doesn't become a bad example to his younger siblings. He fully admits it is hard to balance this life with the lure of his old pals, but that is what the RPT is for.

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