He arrived with us last year. He was so badly bullied at his previous school that he refused to go, and stayed at home. He was too frightened to return at all. A bright (though not overly academic) young person and a gentle character, he could not survive in the testosterone heavy atmosphere in his boys' school. He was deeply unhappy and was referred to RPT.

When he came here he found it was the perfect place for him. There was no bullying, he was liked and cherished, and he found the best environment to express himself and learn. Naturally open, he made friends easily with fellow pupils and staff members, who could see his sterling qualities. He really shone here.

From self-exclusion and complete non-attendance at school he quickly built up a 100% attendance record. He was able to recognise his own qualities that had been brutally suppressed at his previous school. He became passionate about photography, with a particular aptitude for the technical side of cameras. After attaining his GCSEs he went on to work in a camera shop where he is a star member of staff.

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