Sarranna Charles is one of Seriously Sexy's Peer Educators, Peer Educators go into local schools, hostels and youth settings to deliver sessions on Sex and Relationship Education; Sarranna had the following to say about her time with the project:

'I found the Seriously Sexy Peer Educator course great; it was fun and engaging as well as informative. The structure of the course allows you to build up meaningful relationships with the others on the course so that you feel safe and secure enough to discuss some of the more serious questions and issues of the course that will arise as well as how to deal with issues that may arise once you begin teaching. I personally found the course fun as well as informative and have recommended it to those who would seem interested in becoming a Peer Educator. My personal reason for doing the course was because I am interested in becoming a sex and relationship therapist and this course sounded like a great starting point to gain knowledge and experience until I can further my education and incorporate my future work into the peer educating I do now. Next I would like to find a place to further my education and do my masters as well as to continue working with P3 and young people.'

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