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Your voluntary donations were vital to our survival in the 1980s and 1990s, the early days of The Portobello Trust and today it enables us to pay for essential services that are not funded by official bodies. They also gives us the means to pilot and develop new services, allowing the RPT to work independently and be at the forefront of innovation; ensuring that we are providing the local youth with the services they want as well as need.

Suggested donations and how they help:

Amount What it will fund
£50 Will help us to buy academic books, for use in the homework club and school
£100 Funds one session of our parenting work shop
£500 Provides a training session for a music, cooking or fitness workshop
£1000 Pays a month's salary of an employee to manage our Into work programme
£3000 Funds our football Team for a year and ensures that the young people we work with are able to develop their team working skills in a way that also has a positive impact on their health
£10,000 Sponsors an unfunded child at our education centre for a year

Gill Fitzhugh"Over the years it has been our supporters who initially enabled us to stay open and today it gives us the opportunity to do ground breaking work. We are truly grateful to our donors." Gill FitzHugh MBE, Fundraiser

If you would like to donate or would like more information about our services and how you can support us, please contact erin.coburn@rpt.org.uk


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