in to work service at RPT

In2work, like our Hub, operates out of our sister site in Kilburn and provides an all round service to help our clients find and sustain employment. Our aim is to prepare them as well as possible for the job market and to mentor them into work. We help them find job opportunities, and demystify job descriptions so that they know what it is that they can offer the employee. We sift and match vacancies, and help write CVs and covering letters. We prepare clients in what employees are looking for and get them ready for the interview process by schooling them in the right techniques. We prepare them so that they can stay in employment once they get it, by making sure they have the correct life skills and attitude. We have a one to one quality assessment with each client to find out what they want to do and what they are fitted to do. We make sure that if they are going into apprenticeship they can live on what they earn. We are always realistic and honest about what they are capable of getting. We also help them get the right training to improve and add to the skills that are necessary for their work.

Alison Currie"We aim to provide the work you want and the help you need to get it,"
Alison Currie

In2work also acts as a job brokerage, mentoring employers as well as our clients, so that they feel happy recruiting from our services and will come back to us again in the future with further job vacancies. We look out particularly for vacancies with local businesses and make sure they know that there are recruitment opportunities at RPT. We aim to take the stress and strain out of recruitment for employers and our clients alike.

In2work is there for all RPT's and P3 clients.

Case Study: Jo

Jo, 19, was born and bred locally to immigrant parents from the Middle East. He fell into a bad crowd from an early age, despite being from a stable home, and drifted into criminality, eventually being convicted of robbery.
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