Our Link Workers are based at our sister site in Kilburn and it is their job to be the anchor and mentor in the client's life as they struggle to break the cycle of offending and re-offending behaviour.

All Linked In's clients have had an offending history. Most clients are referred to us by organisations such as the Youth Offending Team, Social Services or the Probation Service. Some self refer to try and get away from gangs, or criminal behaviour, or because they are being threatened by other young criminals.

The typical age of a client is 18-20. Some of them have evaded formal education, and have to start from the very bottom if they are to come back into normal life. Very many of them have no idea what normal life is.

The link worker will go with them to job interviews.
Will be with them when they are learning literacy and numeracy.
Will be there should they get into trouble.
Will help them deal with the complex welfare system so that they can be supported while they look for work.
Will help them with housing.

All the while, the link worker's job is to make the client independent. We are taking them on a journey to becoming useful members of society.

The Link worker's job is to be with them every step of the way, helping them to stand on their two feet, encouraging them to keep working until they have achieved the goal of living normal and fulfilling lives.

The Hub, the London Probation Trust and St Giles SOS gangs project to stop young people from offending or entering into criminal behaviour, helping them to turn their lives around by teaching them the real skills and attitudes that will propel them into the mainstream economy.

Young people from chaotic domestic backgrounds, with poor literacy and numeracy skills, vulnerable to peer pressure who think they have no viable economic alternative are the most likely to turn to crime. 80% of crime is perpetrated by 20% of criminals.

The Hub offers practical and hands on help for those who want to make something of themselves. It gives a last chance to those who have nowhere else to turn, and offers a sympathetic ear and a tough no nonsense lead to young people who cannot find their way to a stable and successful life.

Skilled workers teach the basic life skills of living independently, seeking the help available, seeking employment, and combating the "microwave" mindset that demands instant gratification.

Using literacy and numeracy courses, In2work, expertise in dealing with problems such as housing, debt, addiction and health we are here to offer hope to young people that have been written off by everybody else.

Case Study : John

John, 20, comes from a broken home where his mother had mental health issues, and he never knew who his father was. He became affiliated with a local gang. At one point he was a tenant in RPT's housing, but was evicted for drug dealing and bringing home undesirable friends. After being robbed at gun point he referred himself to the Hub
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