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P3 is delighted to announce that our Sandwell Complex Needs Service has made us the winner of the Social Care and Welfare Sector Award in the 2012 Charity Awards.

P3 is a charity that provides services for people with multiple complex needs and chaotic lifestyles, including supported housing, hostels, offender support, job-shops and youth services in order to give them routes out of poverty, isolation and social exclusion. It operates across the Midlands, London and South of England.

The Sandwell Complex Needs Service is a new approach to dealing with adults facing chronic exclusion, trapped in a cycle of criminality and/or severe mental health problems, substance and alcohol misuse and homelessness. In all cases, this cycle has persisted for many years and coincides with multiple exclusions from services. By developing a high quality residential service and by co-ordinating multiple agencies the SCNS has been able to produce not only much better results for the clients themselves, but also for the professionals from the various agencies who deal with them. The quality of care delivered has gone up, while the overall cost to services as a whole has gone down dramatically.

An external professional SROI analysis has shown that for every £1 spent, a social return of £9 has been returned in terms of efficient use of professionals' time and a decrease in the use of emergency and other acute services, court appearances, services dealing with criminality, rent arrears and eviction, and state care for dependents.

The SCNS provides tailor made programmes for the individual client involving multiple agencies, co-ordinated by P3. These services include NHS Mental Health Teams, NHS Addiction Services, West Midlands Probation, Supporting People at Sandwell Metropolitan Borough, Police Community Support Officers and Sandwell Homes Housing Options team and Community Care team. Clients and professionals alike testify to the fact that the high quality residential care allows better in depth treatment, thanks to the clients no longer being in unsuitable temporary accommodation, as well as increased aspirations among the clients themselves, who are more willing to want to turn their lives around. Professionals also make the point that the close cooperation with other services has made them more efficient not only in treating these clients, but other clients as well, leading to an overall improvement in services through positive system change.

Martin Kinsella Chief Executive of P3 says" We are delighted that they're hard work and perseverance of our staff team in this area has met with not only this prestigious award but the greater well being and improved life chances of our clients in Sandwell.


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P3 offers successful and lasting routes out of social exclusion and homelessness by operating a variety of effective services to help to overcome the challenges that the public sector can no longer tackle alone in creating positive outcomes to people at a real risk of social exclusion. We've been around for over 30 years, working in some of the most deprived areas of the UK with some of the most at risk groups in our society, helping them to rebuild their lives. And we're pretty good at it too, we support thousands of people every week to take control of their lives and move towards social inclusion and healthy positive lifestyles.
P3 delivers a wide range of award winning services for people from all walks of life at a time and in a way that they need it.

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