The Mayor and Mayoress of RBK&C are subjected to scientific experiment at Walmer Road school.

Mayor Councillor Christopher Buckmaster and Mayoress Mrs Anne Hobson of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea were taken round the RPT premises by Mark Simms last week.

They were shown the work done by the Hub for young offenders and those at risk of offending. Being a school day they were also introduced to the education service team, and were particularly impressed by the way they engaged and taught young people who don't attend school. Looking in on one class the Mayor was delighted by a scientific experiment on heat insulation. Despite the results being inconclusive he was clearly impressed by the attempt.

Afterwards the Mayor and Mayoress joined the 40 odd children who had arrived for Homework Club. The theme for the day was Flags From Around The World, where children were encouraged to talk about their own heritage and that of others. The Mayoress was especially enthusiastic with the children on this topic.

During their visit Mark was explaining the range of RPT services to the Mayor and Mayoress, and how the financial support of the borough was essential for the work RPT does, but in the end "The kids from the school and the Homework Club did a much better job than me." They even made a short video of the Mayor's scientific experiment.

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