Magic Mums Parenting Classes

Alongside Children's Services we run our Magic Mums parenting classes two times per week.

These classes are for mothers, typically ranging from their late twenties to their early forties. The age of their children can be from 3 weeks to school age (5 years old).

The sessions are all about learning parenting skills, but RPT is looking into extending the range to possibly having a link worker to help them with health care and benefits.

The sessions are fluid and dictated by the mums' concerns and questions, so it is not as rigid as a typical course, and some will repeat the 6-8 week course. We have about ten mothers per course. They can bring their younger children who RPT looks after during the session.

As well as Magic Mums, RPT has a baby clothes and equipment service- every conceivable object to do with babies is available here! They are kindly donated by parents whose infants have grown up.