sexual health

RPT's operates an on site clinic for young people who need advice and help with sex and relationships.

Seriously Sexy is also a discreet and friendly ear for those who have no experience in attending normal clinics.

We are a low level clinical service, providing free condoms, Chlamydia and pregnancy testing. working in conjunction with our school and Youth Club.

We offer counselling about all aspects of sexual relations.

Young people find sex confusing. Our clients may have problems with approaching sex within a relationship- either being pressurised into having it, or feeling unready to take the next step.

We understand the pressure to be accepted by their peers. They may be unsure of their sexual identity and need advice to help them. We help young couples.

We have 21 peer group educators, aged 16 and over, who understand the problems people their age face, and have experience of it themselves, and want to help young people to navigate their way through sexuality and sexual identity.

It was this age group that started Seriously Sexy from a group of young mums who realised that there was little or no peer group education in this area.

RPT recognises the vulnerability of young people in deprived situations where peer pressure and intimidation to have sex is a real problem.

We are here to help young people on this journey, many of whom come back to give us valuable feedback and even volunteer to help others with similar problems and questions.

Our service operates with qualified staff and volunteers within local and national guidelines.

Case Study

Sarranna Charles is one of Seriously Sexy's Peer Educators. Peer Educators go into local schools, hostels and youth settings to deliver sessions on Sex and Relationship Education.
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