Our volunteers support young people in all areas of our work at the RPT and play a valuable part in supporting the services we offer. All volunteers work under the supervision of experienced staff.

Catherine Moss"Volunteers extend the reach of the professional staff."
Catherine Moss MBE

The work is equally rewarding for both volunteer and client. For example, one of our volunteers worked with a talented young musician and helped him find a place at music school.

Roles can vary from ongoing one-on-one work to one-off projects while complementing the work of a key worker. For example a volunteer could:

  • Tutor teenagers who are struggling academically with general skills such as essay writing or with specific subjects such as chemistry (this work can involve long term weekly meetings or shorter pre-exam support)
  • Befriend a pregnant teenager and continue support after the baby is born; this can include finding baby clothes, encouragement in attending pre-natal classes or help with studies so that the young mother doesn't lose the momentum of her coursework when she can't attend college and ongoing weekly meetings
  • Respond to a specific need faced by a client's family
  • Collate replies to a client survey


When we match volunteers and clients for one-on-one work there is always a specific assignment such as maths tutoring or pregnancy support. As the relationship continues and trust builds the volunteer may become more of a mentor who offers a wider range of advice.

This could include: university course selection; careers advice; how to handle criticism from a boss; helping start a baby off with a child minder; or how to shop for nutritious food.

If you would like to offer your services, please be aware that you will be asked for 2 references and must complete an enhanced Criminal Records Bureau Disclosure application form which allows for a background check by the police.

If you would like to get involved, please complete the volunteer form and email to Catherine Moss at catherine.moss@rpt.org.uk

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Or print out and post your completed form to Mrs. Catherine Moss, The Rugby Portobello Trust, 221 Walmer Road, London W11 4EY

Case Study: James

James came to RPT through helping a friend at the RPT Christmas Fair. On a gap year between school and Sandhurst, he helps children in Homework Club complete their assignments then helps run the sports hall afterwards.
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Case Study: Barry

Barry is at Latymer Upper School who have a strong volunteering tradition: everyone has to volunteer for one term a year. "I chose RPT because I have always been interested in working with children. I volunteered for Homework Club. I do forty five minutes helping children with their homework, then forty five minutes playing, either football in the sports hall, or painting and board games upstairs. I have done one term here and it is very rewarding knowing that I have helped kids, particularly ones with problems, improve their knowledge. I hope to do it again next year."

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