46,950 people live in the five electoral wards of Golborne, St Charles, Notting Barns, Colville and Norland in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC) which are RPT's catchment area, and which contain some of the most deprived areas in London.

Poverty and deprivation

Golborne is the second most overall deprived ward in London (Ward Profiles London 2010, data.london.gov.uk).

36% of primary school aged pupils are entitled to free school meals (compared to 17% nationally).
23% of secondary school aged children are entitled to free school meals (compared to 14% nationally).
(RBKC voluntary and partnerships JSNA data 2011)

44% of children aged 0-15 live in income deprived households (rising to 49% and 47% in Goborne and Notting Barns respectively)

Income and employment

48% of dependent children in lone parent families receive tax credit, and 43% in out of work families receive tax credit.

18.4% of young people (16-24) are claiming Job Seekers Allowance (rising to 25% in Golborne). This is double the level of unemployment in the working age population as a whole (16-64). (Ward Profiles data 2010/11)

Housing and living environment

At 13,981 people per square kilometre, RBKC is the most densely populated borough in the country, compared to 4,761 per sq/km for London, and 401 per sq/km for England. (ONS 2010)

There were 7,000 applications for social housing in the borough and only 473 properties to let between April 2010 and April 2011 (RBKC website)

56% of residents aged 0-19 in our area live in housing classified by the ONS as 'overcrowded' (63% in Golborne). (RBKC Voluntary and Partnership data 2011)


Of 160 young offenders who were convicted of 411 crimes during 09/10, 73% were resident in the RPT's catchment area north of Holland Park Avenue, and 31% were on RPT's doorstep.

57% of young victims (under 18) of crime in 2009/10 resident in Kensington and Chelsea, live in the most northerly five North Kensington wards (Golborne, St Charles, Notting Barns, Colville and Norland).

667 victims of crime in 2009/10 were recorded in Kensington and Chelsea who were aged under 18.

The four major offence categories: violence against the person; sexual offences; robbery; theft and handling account for 94.8% of all victims aged less than 18 in RBKC. (RBKC Voluntary and Partnerships JSNA data 2010)

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