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Youth Club

Youth Club picks up from Children's Services and takes older children (13-19) through the next stages of their development.

The Youth Club programme aims to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes to help them make a smooth transition from childhood through adolescence into adulthood.

All the Youth Club's activities promote learning and wellbeing. All our young people are evaluated and development is tracked and encouraged.

RPT's team capture the ethos of life: skills and attitudes learnt here can help young people to get and keep jobs, as well as to fit into and help the community at large.

The youth club operates after school, in half term and the holidays, both on site in Walmer Road and off site, for sports, visits and residential courses.

Youth Club Rules

The Youth Club operates a set of rules to ensure a good and welcoming environment for all our clients; these are reinforced by our highly trained youth workers to provide a safe and relaxed place for them, away from an outside environment that is rough and occasionally dangerous.

An RPT youth worker is, as one of them put it, "a key that fits many locks". They are prepared to be many things to a young person: teacher, in loco parentis, friend, older brother/ sister figure. They are there to help and give advice, to be someone that a young person can trust and talk to.

They are also aware that the world young people inhabit changes fast, and are flexible enough to keep up with them while being constant enough to provide a point of stability in their lives.

They watch out to make sure that children are sufficiently prepared for secondary school, and are happy to help write CVs for those leaving school and seeking employment.

Above all they realise that young people need consistency, particularly when they do not have it at home or elsewhere in their lives.

There is also a Youth Forum where all users of the Club can express their opinions. Young people are free to suggest new rules or ways of adapting old rules. They can also suggest and lobby for new activities. This helps to empower them and understand notions of good citizenship.

Rupert Taylor"We unlock potential in young people to help them shape a positive future."
Rupert Taylor

Advice and Information:

All our youth workers are qualified to give advice, information and support to individual young people.

Young People's Development and Training

All of the activities in Youth Club are underpinned by the opportunity to gain qualifications, including NVQ training, Duke of Edinburgh Award, Volunteering or even FA Coaching level 1/2

Youth Club Activities:


We have a training kitchen where cooking skills are taught and are very popular. Apart from promoting healthy eating habits, these skills are transferable into the job market, and encourage literacy and numeracy.

Fitness Programme

We have a fully equipped gym with trained workers for young people unable to afford a health club.

We encourage awareness of a healthy lifestyle and help young people with their personal fitness goals. Our Fitness Programme increases young peoples' self-confidence and a desire to look after themselves. It redirects the energy of disaffected young people into positive physical activity as well as giving RPT a point of contact with young people through sport and fitness.

The Fitness Programme also provides accreditation, employment qualifications and on the job training for young people interested in a sports related career.

Music Studio Programme

We have a fully equipped, state of the art recording studio providing an exciting opportunity for the development of knowledge and skills related to the music and media industries.

This is a means of self-expression and creativity in an art form especially relevant to young people generally and in this community particularly. We help them to gain accreditation in basic studio skills, and encourage them in future training and employment in music related businesses.


Our large multi purpose hall is used for football, quick cricket, rugby, softball, basketball, badminton, trampolining, dance, athletics and other games.

Youth rooms

We have two youth activity rooms in the basement where young people can play games, use the internet and take part in discussion groups, workshops and creative activities

Off site activities

In addition to our onsite activities we have: football teams participating in local leagues; residential courses lasting from a day to a week; Flyaway Fridays, where young people are taken on trips out of their normal environment.

Project Athena

Girls have always been more reluctant to engage at youth clubs than boys and we’ve noticed a decline in girls’ membership, particularly in the 12-13 age group. Sometimes, young women feel intimidated in mixed group sessions and don’t have the confidence to participate in the full range of youth club activities. This ultimately leads them to stop attending.

So, with the funds raised from the 2016 Portobello Dinner, we did a lot of outreach work, going into schools and walking the streets to tell young women what we were planning - and the Athena Project for girls aged 10-16 years old launched in February 2017. We welcomed over 100 local girls to our first session.

Project Athena offers cooking classes, gym sessions, trampolining, self defence training, video production workshops, etiquette and body language classes, hair and beauty sessions, SRE workshops and so much more, all in a safe, comfortable environment for the girls to learn and have fun.

Case study: Brian

Brian first came to RPT when he was 18. He had come from a difficult background . Many of his peer group were criminals, some of them involved in serious crime.
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